A potent winter storm continues to move through the state tonight.  Widespread snow will fall at a moderate clip, occasionally heavy in a few areas.  Several inches will accumulate through the night into Friday morning.  Temperatures will drop to between 0 to -20 across north central Montana, 0s and 10s closer to the Continental Divide, and 20s west of the Divide.  Low pressure will cross the state overnight with the steadiest snow.  Friday, the low will move east and the snow will taper off through the morning.  Areas of light snow will continue in the mountains and areas near the Continental Divide.  The snow will be light and a little wetter as temperatures start warming in western Montana up to the 30s.  Central and eastern Montana will have highs in the 0s and 10s.  Saturday, temperatures will continue to warm up into the 30s and 40s, with a chinook wind developing off the Rocky Mountain Front.  Clouds and some areas of mountain snow will linger, and most of the state will be mostly cloudy.  Northeast Montana will be the last to warm up, holding in the 0s until Sunday.  Sunday will be partly to mostly sunny and fairly comfortable, but a cold front will slip south out of Canada with a reinforcing shot of arctic air for eastern Montana by Sunday night.  A little snow will fly along the front with a light accumulation in eastern Montana.  By Tuesday, warmer temperatures in the 30s and 40s will take over most of the state.  With the warmup comes a melt during the day with refreezing at night.

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Curtis Grevenitz

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