HELENA- The City of Helena says that the recent snow storm has already provided good information for their snow removal pilot projects.

With over a foot of snow falling in town plow operators had the chance to try the curb to curb plowing on a couple of Helena streets.

The City says that 11th avenue did particularly well for curb to curb and will allow for more snow storage on the boulevards as winter goes on. The city also wanted to apologize for any snow that was on pushed to sidewalks because of the city plowing. Because of the light weight of the snow, the plows moved it much further than expected.

The city cannot begin to use the Ice Slicer street salt until temperatures warm up. Once the weather does warm up, Ice Slicer will only be used on a few select hills.

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Helena Public Works Director Randall Camp has been out personally to look at any problem areas and hear public feedback.

“The pilot program is going well,” says Camp, “We’re getting a lot of feedback from the public, and we’re learning a lot of lessons. The goal of the programs was always to get resident feedback and learn what the public want from their city.”

Camp added that currently, the biggest obstacle the city faces for street maintenance is limited resources. Helena has been at the same staffing and equipment level for the last 30 years.

The City is also setting up an evaluation for the snow routes and which streets need to have their designation changed.

The ultimate use of any of the pilot projects will need to be approved by the Helena City Commission before being implemented city-wide.

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