HELENA – Three people accused of leading Jefferson County law enforcement officers on a high-speed chase earlier this month are now facing charges in Lewis & Clark County.

James Donovan Allen is charged with robbery, two counts of criminal endangerment, and theft.

Jesse Charles Queen is charged with robbery, and Allyn Grace Dennis is charged with robbery and theft.

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Court documents say a vehicle stolen on February 7th was spotted by a witness on February 12th.

When the witness tried to secure the vehicle for a friend, he found Dennis in the back seat.

She allegedly began yelling, which brought Allen and Queen out of a nearby residence.

All three allegedly assaulted the witness.

Allen is accused of trying to drive away with the witness partially in the vehicle.

The witness fell off when his body struck an ATV.

Allen is also accused of crashing into the vehicle of a witness who stopped to help the victim.

Prosecutors say Dennis and Allen admitted to stealing the vehicle while breaking into other vehicles.

All three suspects will arraigned in March.