HELENA – Montana Attorney General Tim Fox has filed a motion in district court asking a judge to block Purdue Pharmaceuticals from marketing the powerful opioid Oxycontin in the state.

Fox’s motion asks that Purdue immediately stop all sales representative promotions of opioids to prescribers in Montana:

  • to stop making what he claims are false and misleading claims about the risks of its opioid products
  • To implement a program to monitor orders that may be suspicious
  • report to the Attorney General’s office quarterly

Fox’s office says this step is necessary after a former Purdue sales representative reportedly described a practice where “Sales representatives encouraged doctors to flag the charts of patients who might be candidates for opioids, and asked to review those private patient files with the doctors to discuss putting those patients on Purdue’s narcotics.”

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“We know that people are still being addicted to opioid-based prescription drugs. We know that people are still overdosing. We believe this is important, again, that we protect the health of Montanans as this case goes forward” said Attorney General Tim Fox.

The new filing is the latest action the state has taken against the Oxycontin maker.

In December, Fox’s office filed a consumer protection lawsuit against Purdue.

The cuts are scheduled to take effect next week.