HELENA – One Capital High School math team was crowned Co-National Champion in the 20th Annual High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling.

The competition took place last November where teams of four students were given an open-ended real-life problem to solve.

938 teams competed, and of those teams only 4 United States teams that received an “outstanding” designation.

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The CHS Co-National Champion team was comprised of Tommy Jergeson, Jessica Maynard, Jake Michaletz and Jaskrit Singh.

The group was given a choice of two problems to solve. They ended up choosing a problem that had them design a light show that used drones for an event.

Tommy Jegeson said that he was a bit nervous going into the competition, but the more they worked on the problem the better he felt about it.

The students say they were humbled to hear that they had done so well.

“We did better than we ever thought we could,” said Jessica Maynard, “It’s just crazy that we could do that in Helena, Montana.”

Jaskrit Singh echoed the sentiment adding that anyone can compete in these competitions. “What matter is taking the math you know and applying it creatively to a problem,” says Singh.

The students say their coach Mr. Dennis Peterson always let them know that kids from Montana are just as good at math as anywhere else.

“I think the most amazing thing is that this team from a little public school does just as well as these teams from $60,000-a-year private schools that focus solely on math and science,” said Jake Michaletz.

The team will now go on to compete for the chance to represent the united states in the international round.

Four other teams from Capital High also received recognition for their performance in the competition.

The teams are as follows:

  • Finalist team: Zack Boles, Thomas Nelson, Justin Tofflemire, and Nate Turner.
  • Meritorious team: John LaRue, Pablo Martin-Jimenez, Mariah Thomas, and Trenton Wright
  • Honorable Mention: Lauren Helbling, Peter Lund, Bridget Powers, and James Rencher
  • Honorable Mention: Norris Blossom, Hunter Boles, Elliott Pryor, Cody Tofflemire

This is the best that Capital High has ever done.