HELENA – An East Helena suspect arrested over the weekend following an armed standoff with a SWAT team is held in jail on $40,000 and charged with four felonies.

Prosecutors say Stryker N. Miller pointed a gun at a victim during a domestic disturbance on Saturday night at the 2600 block of Valley Drive in East Helena.

Miller is accused of also grabbing the victim, throwing her to the ground and strangling her until she blacked out.

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Miller then allegedly left the residence still carrying a gun. Law officers tracked him to a shed on Prickly Pear Avenue.

Prosecutors say Miller refused to leave the shed, or put down the gun.

The Lewis and Clark County SWAT team was called in, and when they attempted to extract Miller from the shed, he allegedly fired two shots through the roof.

The 21 year-old Miller is charged with partner family member assault, strangulation, assault with a weapon, and criminal endangerment.

He’ll be arraigned on February 28th.