City of Helena launches new website

HELENA – The City of Helena’s website received a makeover recently, but developers with the city said it’s about more than just appearance.

According to the city’s Web Developer Dave Anson, the new site is meant to be more accessible for those with disabilities. Photos have text captions so people with voice-to-text software can still experience visual graphics.

Anson said not all parts of the website are accessible for those with disabilities yet, but those upgrades will be made over time. Anson’s team has been working on and off on the project for about six months.

The new website launched last Thursday and looks similar to the county website which was redesigned in April.

Anson said the city manager’s office wanted the site to be more visual, and the site also brings more information like a calendar right to the front page and adds more photos.

The update to the website comes ahead of a federal deadline in March requiring websites to be accessible for those with disabilities.