CLINTON – The Montana Comprehensive Literacy Project’s goal is to provide schools with more resources to help children improve their literacy skills.

Clinton School found out on Thursday that it is one of those schools about to receive a big grant to improve their students’ reading capabilities.

“Mr. Stack had called me into his office to let me know that the office of public instruction had called us to announce that we were one of the 21 schools that received the grant. We would be receiving over the next four years $250,000,” said Dean of Students Amanda McGill,

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The money is going towards new books for the library, as well as new software and technology to help improve digital literacy.

“It is so cool that we got this grant because we have a very small school with a lot of need for improving our literacy skills here at Clinton,” said Title I Coordinator Helen Burwick. “We have a lot of kids that have a lot of heart and a lot of them want to do well, and we are really excited to help them succeed with that.”

It took a group of dedicated teachers a lot of time to write the grant application with hopes of securing the money. For them, all the hours paid off.

“We printed off this grant paperwork, each one of the four of us, I met with them in the library and gave them this packet about this thick of pages that we had to go through,”McGill said.

Luckily for Clinton students, where there’s a will there’s a way.

Reporting by Connor McCauley for MTN News