ExplorationWorks launching new exhibit

HELENA – On Friday ExplorationWorks will be launching their new exhibit and be unveiling their new Montana-themed water table to the public.

The new exhibit Take Flight will showcase the science behind flight with hands-on features such as wind tunnel and hang glider simulator.

The museum has also replaced the old water table with a brand new one that features Helena’s landscape. Visitors will recognize the Fire Tower, Sleeping Giant and Helena Cathedral.

Exploration works Executive Director Kelly Posewitz says this couldn’t have been accomplished without community support and she thinks everyone will enjoy the new features.

“I think everyone’s just so excited to because it’s a Montana-themed water table that features Mount Helena and it has the Fire Tower,” says Posewitz. “I think there’s a real connection to this exhibit for everyone and our members who say they come here every day and play.”

Posewitz added that this marks the beginning of a new chapter at ExplorationWorks and is excited to see what comes next.

For more information about ExplorationWorks and the education programs they offer visit their website.

The original press release reads:

Executive Director, Kelly Posewitz remarked, “We are so proud to share this amazing exhibit with the community. It has been an inspiring journey. As our members know, the former water was much loved but in desperate need of replacement. It was a dream of ours for many years. Then, a few very generous supporters stepped up and made the initial investments to get the project underway, but we knew that wasn’t enough to reach our goal so we reached out to the community to ask for support. One by one, gifts started to come in. Support from the community was overwhelming! We are proud to share that a total of 125 individuals, families and businesses donated to this project, making our dream come true!”

In addition to the water table visitors can also experience a new hands-on exhibit showcasing the science behind flight with Take Flight. Some components of the exhibit include a hang glider simulator, a vertical wind tunnel, flying cups, feel the lift, RC simulators, and a Bernoulli blower.