GREAT FALLS – The Heritage Inn was packed on Thursday with people eager to learn about the Montana Rural Water Systems and technology from across the country.

The 39th annual Montana Rural Water Systems Conference had more than 100 vendors and more than 900 attendees.

This three-day event featured guest speakers such as Great Falls Mayor Bob Kelly, Montana Lt. Governor Mike Cooney, and U.S. Representative Greg Gianforte.

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Also attending was EPA Region 8 administrator Doug Benevento, who covers all of Montana, along with North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado.

He says the conference is the perfect place to get insights, share goals, and learn from one another.

“The people at this conference are often volunteers and they take their job very seriously. They take the job of providing clean drinking water to all Montanans as their top priority. Second, EPA takes its job as the regulator of drinking water very seriously. We want to ensure working with our partners at the state level that all drinking water is safe for all Americans,” Benevento said.

The event is the largest water systems conference in the country.

Reporting by Elizabeth Transue for MTN News