HELENA – Helena Industries said they have brought in a restoration company to repair the damage done by a fire last month.

Representatives said as many as 12 roof trusses will need to be replaced.

“Our concern is when we can start opening up the retail side again,” said Barbra Walsh, interim CEO Helena Industries.

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The restoration company Helena Industries is working with estimates repairs to their retail building will take 3-4 months.

Barbra Walsh interim CEO for Helena Industries biggest concern is how long it will take to develop enough donations to get the store going again.

Currently, Helena Industries cannot accept donations.

“That is our goal in the next month to decide when we open up, when to ask for the donations, and have the time to process them, and have the room to process, I think people don’t realize you have to have a certain amount of room and the room where we process was damaged,” said Walsh.

Walsh said the construction company will touch-base with Helena Industries a month from now to provide a clearer picture on when the thrift store will be able to re-open.

“The insurance inventory people come in, and count all of inventory and so at that point they ask us to sell for whatever we can get for it,” said Walsh.

The structure damage itself is estimated to be about $250,000.

The inventory damaged in the store at the time endured minor smoke damage.

The store will temporarily open from 10AM-3PM March 1st – 3rd to allow Helena Industries to try and sell off some of its current inventory.