A Helena woman is accused of stealing a vehicle from outside the Grubstake Bar. Alisia Landis, 30 years old, is being charged with felony theft.

An officer took a report of a stolen vehicle early in the morning on January 20. The victim said she had left the car running to warm up when it was stolen, according to court documents.

Court documents say Landis was identified through surveillance video stealing the car.

On January 22, a deputy responded to Landis’ home for an unrelated call. The court documents say a resident of the home told the officer she had witnessed Landis steal the vehicle from a bar in the county.

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On January 31, a deputy went to speak with Landis about the theft. In the interview, Landis said she remembered going to the bar, but didn’t remember taking the vehicle.

No bond was set, as Landis was released on recognizance. Landis promised, in writing, to appear in court for all upcoming proceedings.

She will be arraigned later this month.