Helena’s Golden Fork Award winners recognized

HELENA – This year a record number of local food providers received a Gold Fork Award from Lewis and Clark Public Health.

The Gold Fork awards were established in 2011 to recognize establishments that have an effective food-safety system that reduces or eliminates the risk of food borne illnesses.

Supervisor of the food-facility inspection program Laurel Riek says that she’s thrilled to see facilities do everything possible to keep public food same.

“We love the fact that there are 21 Gold Fork Award winners,” says Riek, “This is what we dreamed of when we put this system together.”

To win a Gold Fork the establishment had to have a documented food-safety system including: food-safety management training for all staff, procedures to maintain safe food temperatures and have employee health policies.

A total of 55 local food establishments were recognized for their exceptional efforts this year.

Silver Fork award winners; courtesy of Lewis and Clark Public Health

Gold Fork Awards Winners:

Silver Fork Award Winners: