BUTTE – The public was treated to music and snacks on the first tour of the Bert Mooney Airport’s new terminal in Butte. The new facility is all about making a good first impression.

“You know, first impressions are important and it’s what people remember and after they leave this building they’ll remember Butte is a great thing,” said Butte Chief Executive Dave Palmer

The $10.5 million facilities with it’s Butte influenced design impressed many of the hundreds of people who attended the tour.

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“It’s a beautiful place, it’s got some amazing architecture and some great features that don’t even make it look like a high-security prison like most airports,” said Butte resident Ed Peretti.

The new 27,000 square foot terminal will replace the prior one and airport officials believe the new facility is more convenient for customers.

“It’s laid out better, you know, the flow’s better, it’s going to hopefully create more people using the airport. Hopefully, it will help with economic development and air service development,” said Airport Manager Pam Chamberlin.

About a year ago the airport started a special committee with the goal of bringing a new flight out of Butte. City officials are hoping this new facility will make that goal a reality.

“I think with this, and the new renewed interest and people see this new facility we have here, it’s certainly going to help,” Palmer said.

The new terminal’s first day of operations will be next Thursday, Feb. 22.

Reporting by John Emeigh for MTN News