Ice Jam North of Townsend Update

TOWNSEND – Broadwater County Undersheriff Brandon Harris says water from an ice jam on the Missouri river just north of Townsend, MT has dropped about eight inches since Friday.

A flood warning remains in effect for the area but is expected to expire later Monday evening.

The ice jam was first reported on Friday and has caused flooding near Centerville Rd, Indian Rd Campground and to the north of the river along Highway 287.

Centerville Rd has been reopened to the public but Indian Rd Campground will remain closed until it is determined to be safe.

Ice jams occur on rivers and creeks where a buildup of ice combined with fluctuating temperatures can push up a wall of ice and fan out in banks and creeks causing a rush of water to flood surrounding areas.

Drivers are being reminded that they should not attempt to cross any water covered roads as river banks and culverts can become unstable and unsafe during flooding.

Ice anglers are also advised to stay away from the area.

Only one seasonal residence has been impacted by the flooding.