Charles Green is being held on 37 charges (YCDF)

BILLINGS – A Molt area man charged with a series of heinous assaults on his girlfriend that left her “unrecognizable” is now accused of kidnapping a 19-year-old woman and threatening to kill her and her family.

Charles Arliegh Green, 54, was recently charged in Yellowstone County District Court with six new felonies, including assault with a weapon, kidnapping and intimidation.

Green had already appeared in court in September on 26 felony charges for brutally assaulting his girlfriend.

Green, who was previously convicted of assault and kidnapping in other states, faces a total of 37 charges in Yellowstone County.

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According to the documents filed last week, sheriff’s deputies were called to a home on Neibauer Road in February of 2017 for a report of a 911 hang up call.

Deputies were on their way to the area when they got another call from someone saying a woman had jumped out of a vehicle and a man with a gun was chasing her.

When they arrived, deputies found the victim curled up in the fetal position and crying.

The 19-year-old woman described being kidnapped, tazed, sexually assaulted and forced to take methamphetamine over the past 48 hours.

The woman told authorities that she’d met Green through her boyfriend and she sold methamphetamine to them and another acquaintance.

Two days before the 911 call, Green allegedly gave the woman $900 to buy an ounce of methamphetamine from a person in the Heights.

The middle-man stole the money and would not answer phone calls, according to the woman.

The woman called her boyfriend to tell him the money was stolen. He picked her up and took her to a gas station where she met with Green and another man.

The woman got into the truck with the two men and Green allegedly pointed a gun at her throughout the drive.

Green and the other man went through the woman’s phone and purse, looking for people they could contact to reimburse them on the woman’s behalf.

The woman said she was then taken to a garage on 8th Avenue North and forced to take methamphetamine.

Green allegedly made the woman take her clothes off so he could ensure she was not wearing a wire.

Green then tazed the woman multiple times, according to court documents, and threatened to cut her fingers off with bolt cutters.

The woman said Green threatened to kill the woman and her family.

The woman believed she was held in the garage against her will for 14 hours before she was taken for another drive.

The woman’s family attempted to collect the money for her but could only come up with $300.

The victim’s boyfriend told her that Green ordered him to take her to a location to torture her until he could get there to kill her, according to court documents.

While they were driving, the woman called 911 before the phone was taken from her.

She reported that she then threw the phone at her boyfriend and leapt from the vehicle.

The woman ran to a nearby home and begged for help.

Green was later arrested on a warrant for the pending charges against him in the case involving his own girlfriend.

Green’s girlfriend suffered a fractured spine that left her immobile, torn out hair, hearing loss and a permanently disfigured lip as a result of the alleged assault.

Green has been held at the Yellowstone County jail since May on a $1.08 million bond.