Although some towns in Montana broke record lows that were set nearly 60 years ago, the coldest spot in the country was NOT Montana for a change.  Peter Sinks, Utah hit -40 this morning.  Historically, the coldest location in the continental United States is Rogers Pass with a reading of -70.  The second coldest temperature ever recorded in the continental U.S. is Peter Sinks with a reading of -69.  A WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY will expire this evening for the Rocky Mountain Front and blowing snow will ease up.  However, the WIND CHILL ADVISORY for northeast Montana will continue into Thursday morning with wind chills down to -40!  Thursday, a little disturbance will move through western Montana with partly to mostly cloudy skies and a few light snow showers.  Highs will be in the 0s and 10s.  Friday will start out sunny and cold, but strong wind will develop off the Rocky Mountain Front and across north central Montana by late in the day.  Ground blizzard conditions are possible.  Saturday will be a windy day with periods of snow in western and central Montana.  While the snow will generally be light, the wind will be stronger with some gusts up to 40-60mph.  Once again, travel will be difficult on the Hi-Line with the likelihood of ground blizzard conditions.  Sunday will be even worse as the wind gets stronger.  If you’re planning on traveling in the East Glacier area or through Marias Pass, ground blizzard conditions are likely and roads may be closed.  Snow through the weekend into Monday morning will range from 1-4″ in the lower elevations, but up to 8″ in the mountains.

Please be careful out there!

Curtis Grevenitz

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