Montana’s morning lows on Tuesday were colder than all other 50 states.  Lows approached -40, and wind chill values bottomed out near -50.  Tonight will be very, very cold again with widespread lows across the state between 0 and -30.  Wednesday and Thursday will be similar with mostly sunny skies, highs in the 0s and 10s, and lows in the 0s to -10s.  Friday is when the weather will change as a new low pressure approaches.  This next storm will increase the wind off the Rocky Mountain Front with the possibility of blowing snow and reduced visibility.  Ground blizzard conditions are possible Friday and Saturday.  Saturday will be a windy day with areas of light snow mainly in the western half of Montana.  While accumulation generally looks like the 1-3″ range in the lower elevations and 6″-ish in the mountains, blowing snow and reduced visibility will once again make travel very difficult.  Wind and areas of snow will continue into Tuesday before high pressure, sunshine and calm conditions return.

Stay warm!

Curtis Grevenitz

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