Nora Bettina Block

HARDIN – The Hardin teacher facing felony charges for hiding a gun brought to school by a student has been fired.

The Hardin School Board voted to terminate Nora Block’s contract Wednesday night.

School Board Chair Jodeen Marston said violations of school board policy were the reasons behind Block’s termination, not the pending felony charges against Block.

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The board voted 5 to 0 at a special hearing that was open to the public Wednesday.

Court documents state Block knowingly possessed a firearm on school property and knowingly hid the firearm from law enforcement.

Officers allege she hid a student’s gun in the classroom, stored it overnight and then called authorities the next day.

Block is charged with tampering with physical evidence, possession of a weapon in a school building and obstructing a peace officer.

She is scheduled to be arraigned Feb. 27.

Marston said Block’s termination is effective immediately.