BILLINGS – Montana Secretary of State Corey Stapleton stopped by Billings West High School Thursday, to talk to students about the importance of getting involved.

Stapleton spent over an hour with senior students at the high school answering questions.

From social media to Indian Reservations and health care, Stapleton’s message to students was the importance of being involved and staying informed.

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Stapleton said the danger in society now is people only hearing and seeing what they want to see, based on what they already agree with, whether that be on social media, or on the news.

“The danger is you get something called confirmation bias,” said Stapleton. “You’re just listening and hearing people say things that you already kind of think. And that is dangerous in a democracy because until you actually listen to both sides, or in some cases many sides, you’re not as informed of a voter, and you’re not probably as productive of a citizen as you could be.”

Stapleton also warned of all the ‘distractions’ that come along with social media and politics. He urged students to do their research so they can understand the issues more deeply than the headline.