Pediatric Trauma Training at St. Peter’s Health

HELENA – St. Peter’s Health staff was given the chance today to practice treating pediatric traumas in a high-tech simulation.

Physicians, nurses, paramedics and other medical staff were able to get experience with pediatric traumas without risk to a real patient.

The simulations were provided by Best Practice Medicine in one of their SIM-MT simulation trucks.

The trucks have been traveling across Montana since 2017 providing training to rural health care providers thanks to a $4.6 million grant.

In the simulations at St. Peter’s Health a robotic manikin would progressively simulate different types of trauma for staff to practice on.

Sim-team leader Joe Poole says that this is a great way to help medical professionals see situations that they don’t see all the time.

“It’s just not that often you’re going to see a really sick child,” says Poole, “Hopefully never in [their] career but you want to be ready when it happens.”

Poole added that individuals who go through these simulations are more likely to retain the information when needing to treat a patient.

St. Peter’s Health Director of Staff Education Sevda Raghib, R.N. M.S.N. says that it’s always good to get as much experience as possible to be ready should a situation arise.

“It’s great to practice any of the skills that you have whenever you have the opportunity,” says Raghib, “And even better to practice those skills with the whole team that you’d be working with in the real-life emergency which is what this simulation provides. “

St. Peter’s Staff say that these simulations also help medical staff get a better understanding of each different care aspect that goes into treating a patient.