MISSOULA – Save Our Sisters, a group that is raising awareness about missing or murdered indigenous women, is organizing events on the University of Montana campus on Wednesday.

The first event was an artistic presentation on the oval that was put together by the event organizer Marita Growingthunder. It involved chairs spread around the oval with different dresses made mostly by Growingthunder

The dresses were made to represent different groups of missing or murdered indigenous women. The groups that include children, elderly, LGBTQ, trans and others.

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Growingthunder says she got the idea from an event she previously held back in her home city of Polson.

“When I graduated from high school a few months or six months ago I had a spirit over for a graduation party and we took all the dresses that I made my senior year of high school and we put them around a powwow arena, kind of. And this is just reminiscent of that event,” explained Growingthunder

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Reporting by Connor McCauley for MTN News