HELENA – Residents in the North Helena Valley continue to dig out after weekend snow and wind created deep drifts.

Dennis Corbitt lives on Prairie Road, off the areas affected, he said on Sunday it was impassable.

“But in 11 years I’ve been up here this has been this is as bad as I’ve ever seen it drift,” said Corbitt, a Helena valley resident.

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Corbitt said deep drifts blocked the roadway, and he spent the morning rescuing motorists who ventured out.

“My neighbor and myself and other people came up here, and half dozen cars we pulled out that were stuck in drifts,” said Corbitt.

There were piles of snow that lined Prairie Road.

The most concerning part of snowdrifts are their height. It’s limitless; they pile high as long as there are strong winds.

“Smaller cars, we were pulling them out right and left, I had a friend of mine who lives on Cabin Road call me this morning and say they’ve been stuck in a snowdrift. I went up to try to help them out we both ended up getting stuck. It was a good thing the plow truck showed up,” said Corbitt.

Bill Semenza, an employee with the county, said he was up early on Monday plowing.

“Going up the hill over here, and there’s probably people stranded. There’s about three to four feet snowdrifts up there,” said Semenza.

Semenza agreed with Corbitt; he’s never seen drifts like the ones they experienced on Sunday.

Semenza said he had his work cut out for him regarding plowing the roads, and said no one should attempt to bust through a deep snow drift.

“Be careful out there, don’t try to make an attempt to go through a snow drift because you can hit that sucker hard and them boom! You’re stuck; I’ve done it before, I thought I could make it and boy…I didn’t make it,” said Semenza.

Corbitt adds that people should check twice before they head out of town in a storm because conditions can vary greatly from one end of the Valley to another.

“I guess that people don’t understand that when you’re in town, it’s going to snow, but it’s now the amount of snow is the amount of wind we got with it,” said Corbitt.