TOWNSEND – A suspect accused of shooting a Broadwater County home in October 2017 pleads not guilty.

Andrew Lain Gibbs was arraigned Friday morning in Townsend.

He’s charged with two counts of felony criminal endangerment and one count of criminal mischief.

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Prosecutors say Gibbs allegedly used a handgun and a shotgun to shoot a home and it’s propane tank last October.

Sheriff’s Deputies recovered shell casings and bullets from the scene including three bullet impacts on the home’s propane tank, bullet holes in the residence and bullets inside the home.

Shotgun pellets also damaged a car parked at the home and a mailbox was shot up as well.

At the time of the shooting, investigators were unable to locate a suspect.

Charging documents say Gibbs’ family was involved in a dispute over the house in question after they sold it to the current owners.

In November of last year, Gibbs and another individual were witnesses in an unrelated case. The Sheriff’s Deputy speaking with Gibbs had his body camera on when the subject of the home shooting came up.

Investigators say when the shooting was mentioned, Gibbs visibly froze and said, “Things like that happen up there all the time.”

Investigators got a break in the case in December when Gibbs was arrested in Meagher County for shooting the Tintina Resources office at White Sulphur Springs.

Meagher County Deputies found multiple .380 caliber pistol rounds in Gibb’s pockets along with a .380 caliber automatic pistol from his vehicle.

Evidence collected at the home shooting scene was then forwarded to the State Crime Lab.

There, technicians determined the bullet fragments found at the Broadwater County home came from a .380 pistol. The crime lab techs also matched spent shell casings at the home shooting to the weapon found in Gibbs’ vehicle following the White Sulphur Springs shooting.

Trial in the Townsend case has been set for September. Gibbs’ bond in this case is set at $50,000.00.

Gibbs is being held without bond in White Sulphur Springs where he’s charged with felony criminal mischief and criminal endangerment.

His trial there is scheduled for July.

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