HELENA – The checks are – literally – in the mail.

The latest round of grants from the Montana wildlife relief fund, are making their way to fire departments across Montana.

That includes Tri-Lakes Fire, with five stations on the east side of Lewis and Clark County.

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Tri-Lakes received a grant of $9,000 to help buy a portable solar powered reader board.

The board will be used to tell the public about road advisories, detours, alternate routes and other advisories such as wildfire closures.

Grants like this mean a great deal more to firefighters than just a new piece of gear.

“That’s what brings the volunteers out,” says Tri-Lake Fire Chief Bob Drake.

“They want to help people. And when people and companies respond in the way that they have, it makes the volunteers feel good and it makes the volunteers volunteer even more.”

The relief fund is a cooperative effort between the Montana Community Foundation and the Montana Television Network.

Thanks generous community support, $600,000 has been raised.