Helena Food Share gears up for Wednesday’s citywide food drive

HELENA – The Helena Food Share is gearing up for one of its biggest fundraisers for its Kids Pack program.

On Wednesday, 275 AmeriCorps Vista volunteers will go door-to-door in the 59601 and 59635 zip codes collecting low-sugar granola bars, fruit cups, juice, pudding cups, oatmeal and other nonperishable items.

The Doorsteps to Kid Packs Citywide Food Drive collects the goods for the Food Share’s Kids Pack program which provides children with food and snacks on the weekends.

Nearly 1,000 students receive a kids pack each week during the school year and the program is dependent on donations from the community.

Helena Food Share Executive Director Bruce Day said without Wednesday’s fundraiser, they wouldn’t be able to provide the level of service to children that they currently do. Day said they’ve handed out around 39,000 Kid Packs in a year.

“It’s always a challenge for us just to make sure we have enough food to get kids those packs all year long, so if we didn’t have this kind of an effort we might have to drop some weeks or drop the number of kids pack we provide each week,” Day said.

Residents in the two zip codes simply need to leave some kid-friendly food on their doorstep before 1 p.m on Wednesday. The hundreds of AmeriCorps Vista members will go through the neighborhoods collecting the items.

For those outside city limits, grocery stores are collecting donations between 2 p.m. And 6 p.m. on Wednesday. Cash donations are also welcome.