HELENA – A 22 year-old man was rescued Sunday after falling off an cliff in the York area near Vigilante Campground.

According to rescuers, Sean Cleary, from Oregon fell about 8 feet.

Sean’s brother Patrick Cleary called 911 for help.

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“Search and rescue was paged right away. They responded, they went there with snowmobiles, sleds but the terrain got so bad, that at about a mile and half they had to abandon all that, and walk,” said Sheriff Leo Dutton.

When Lewis and Clark Search and Rescue arrived, they reported that the terrain was treacherous and had to walk about 3 miles to get to location of the injured hiker.

“I mean, no rescue is every routine, but it’s a great resource we have, that our philanthropist has made available statewide and regionally. It went well, a fairly normal hoist rescue for us so were happy that we have the availability to do that,” said Sheriff Chuck Curry.

REACH Air Medical did not have a hoist system, so Two Bear Air out of Flathead County was called into help.

Sheriff Chuck Curry was able to wench Sean up to the helicopter.

“But, let me tell you about what went right, is that the brother made the decision to go get help and not try to move him, not try to pull, and heroics, or do any heroics like that, so accolades-recognizes it was well beyond their capabilities, they did the right thing,” said Dutton.

Officials did not have an update on how serious Cleary’s injuries were. He was taken to Saint Peter’s Health for treatment.