HELENA – The Helena Democratic Action Committee and members of the National Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense in America, met in Helena today.

Members and non members of both groups talked about how to model correct behavior with guns, the recent and past mass public shootings at America’s schools, and how America can help prevent future tragedies.

Most agreed there isn’t one way to stop gun violence in America.

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According to the Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America’s website, they do support the second amendment, but believe common-sense solutions can help decrease gun violence.

Beckie Squires, a member of Moms Demand, said the biggest issue is that people don’t think they can do something to help.

“After Parkland, I think its really important that we need to do something. We can’t have any more of this happen. Like the kids say, enough is enough,” said Squires.

There will be a walk out on Wednesday March 14th at Carroll College on the Saint Charles steps and a moment of silence for 17 minutes, marking the number of people who died in the Parkland mass shooting.

That march was organized by the Women’s March Empower.