YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, MAMMOTH, WY – Yesterday morning, two men with the collective Wild Buffalo Defense secured themselves to the “Silencer,” the squeeze chute located within Yellowstone National Park’s Stephens Creek buffalo trap.

The two men, Cody Cyson and Thomas Brown, were arrested yesterday afternoon and arraigned this morning. A third Wild Buffalo Defense member, who has been identified as Hannah Ponder, was arrested later in the day.

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“While Buffalo Field Campaign as an organization cannot take these actions, we would like to thank these brave people for taking them at the Stephens Creek capture facility yesterday.” said Ken Cole, BFC’s executive director, “We have shared values, and we are in solidarity with anyone who is working to liberate wild buffalo and protect them from indiscriminate slaughter, quarantine, and domestication.”

Cyson and Brown have been charged with violating a closure and interfering with a government operation.

Ponder has been charged with violating a closure, allegedly, in an attempt to document.

Both charges are misdemeanors that carry a maximum sentence of 6 months in jail, and/or a $5,000 fine.

BOZEMAN – Three people have been arrested after chaining themselves to a bison chute in Stephen’s Creek on Tuesday.

According to the Wild Buffalo Defense Facebook page, the three people arrested were a part of their group.

This group says that their mission is to see bison roam free on the wild plains.

According to the Facebook post, two men were arrested at Stephens Creek around 12:30.

The Facebook post states in part,

An hour before sunlight on march 6th two members of the Wild Buffalo Defense collective named Cody and Crow descended from the hills onto Yellowstone National Park’s Stevens Creek buffalo trap and using a steel pipe, locked themselves to the bars of the “Silencer”, a hydraulic squeeze shoot that holds buffalo for testing, shipping and slaughter. In freezing temperatures the individuals blocked the buffalo processing facility and prevented the park from shipping wild buffalo to slaughter.

When asked why he was taking this action Cody stated, “I am standing with the plains Indians as a member of the Ojibwe tribe in Minnesota, I have a Blackfeet friend who helped me protect my territory from the line 3 pipeline and now I am here for him and the buffalo. I have a love for the people. That’s what my mom passed down to me. And I have love for the environment and animals and I feel like I have an obligation to protect them. If I have to put my body on the line to do so I will.”

The third person was a woman who was arrested later outside of the facility.

The three are being held at the Yellowstone Justice Center and will be arraigned Wednesday.

According to a press release sent out by another buffalo advocate group, the Buffalo Field Campaign, the two men have been identified as Cody Cyson and Thomas Brown.

Reporting by Morgan Davies for MTN News