BOZEMAN – Montana State University hosted 20 different schools from around southwest Montana for the Academic Olympics.

This event is sponsored by the Provost at MSU. Throughout the day, teams of five compete against each other in Jeopardy-style rounds. Students test their knowledge of subjects such as history, literature, math and pop culture. Each year the event is run completely by volunteers.

Student Morgan Hendrickson from Twin Bridges said the atmosphere in the test rooms was exciting.

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“You are pretty nervous because you do not know how the other team is, and then as you start going you start to get the vibe of it and how things are going,” said Hendrickson.

Coordinator Tami Jenkins says the competitive environment makes kids really focus in order for their team to win.

“It is probably my favorite part of my year. It’s so fun to see kids excited about academics,” said Jenkins.

Hendrickson hopes that he can come back next year to compete in this tournament.

“I just think it is really important that we keep doing this. To recognize all the people that are in academics,” said Hendrickson.

High school students will compete tomorrow for the second day of the Southwest Academic Olympics.

Reporting by Mederios Babb for MTN News