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HELENA – Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks has a new way for you to access your personal information online and the new portal aims to become a personalized path to Montana’s outdoors.

Come this spring, hunters who can’t wait for the mail to see if they drew that coveted tag will have a new way to check their drawing status online.

“So, there are a couple of drivers behind this new portal. One we wanted to protect the people’s information – the hunters and anglers of Montana. Protect their information behind a username and password,” said FWP’s Jessica Plunkett. “And we were also looking at a way we could personalize their interactions with FWP.

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The My FWP portal can be found as a tab on the FWP website and now anyone who accesses My FWP will need to create a unique username and password.

“The portal will allow for you to connect secondary accounts to your account. If the person you are trying to connect is over 18 years old, they will receive an email on their ALS email account to confirm that you are allowed to do that,” Plunkett explained. “If they are under 18, you just have to confirm that they are a dependent and you will be able to link their account.”

Through My FWP, a user can look at licenses held, check their drawing status and report mandatory harvests. But in the future FWP plans to expand the My FWP portal to allow users to do much, much more.

“Our future goals is to make this a more personalized experience with FWP. So, you would be able to sign up for just to see the things that you want to see,” Plunkett said. “So, if you are just interested in hunting, you could sign up for hunting. If you are interested in recreating you can sign up for information on our park system.”

The license year for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks began on March 1.