KALISPELL – Glacier National Park officials unveil their preliminary concepts to the public for rebuilding the historic Sperry Chalet, which was destroyed by wildfire last summer.

“One hundred years from now Glacier Park will be here. The Sperry experience will be here for people one hundred years from now. And what it looks like is going to start being planned right here, by you, tonight,” Glacier National Park Conservancy Director Doug Mitchell.

Four possible options for the remains of the Chalet were laid out before hundreds of people on Wednesday.

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The first option was to restore the structure to as close to its original form while following new building codes.

The second would restore the structure with as many historical fabrics from the chalet as possible, while also modernizing. The park says this option would best ensure that the chalet is well suited for the next 100 years.

The third option would construct a brand-new structure and the fourth option would re-evaluate how the Sperry experience goes, using seasonal yurts or tent cabins, leaving the damaged structure as it is.

Park Superintendent Jeff Mow ended his talk by reminding every how important it was to hear public input on this, so the park can get the rebuild right.

“What we want to hear from you is what’s important about that experience, so that when the architect applies himself, they don’t design out something that everybody thinks is an important part of that experience,” Mow stated.

Public comment is open on this until April 8.

Reporting by Jack Ginsburg for MTN News