BOZEMAN – A new sculpture is known as the “art cade” gives Montana State University students an opportunity to bring home a piece of MSU student-created art.

The sculpture, designed by a university professor, is like a vending machine, but the treats are a little more artsy. With a special token inserted into the machine, students can draw a random bag that may contain items like art, music, photographs, all originally created by MSU students or small gifts from the university.

The “art cade” is a part of the university’s 125th anniversary and a key recruiting item for the School of Art and Architecture.

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MSU sculpture Professor Jim Zimpel created the sculpture.

“This one here will be an opportunity for new students potentially interested in the university to come take something home with them,” said Zimpel. “Have an interesting engagement and get that thing, it’s really a recruiting tool.”

You can purchase the tokens for the machine in the Strand Student Union on campus where the machine is located.

Reporting by Carson Vickroy for MTN News