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HELENA – Tuesday is the Vernal Equinox, more commonly known as the first day of Spring, finally! In this week’s Weather Wise, Spring in Montana usually brings everything including the kitchen sink, so let’s take a look at the long range forecast.

Some guarantees about spring: the temperatures get warmer, the snow eventually melts, the days get longer, big storms move through, and there’s new life and growth.

The long range forecast for Montana this spring does not look like it will warm up as quickly as some would like.

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Much of Montana and the Northern Rockies are likely to experience cooler than normal temperatures, continuing a trend from the winter.

Temperatures will warm, but overall should not be quite as warm as the historic average. The long-range precipitation outlook is near normal, which means a good amount of wet and white weather, as the spring months across Big Sky Country usually have the most precipitation.

Montana’s record drought that rapidly developed last spring should continue to improve as well.

More of Northeast Montana is expected to be removed from drought status. However nationally, drought that developed over the winter to our South will continue and likely worsen.

Long-range forecasts for a specific day are rarely accurate, but long-range forecasts for a season are fairly reliable because climatology and global patterns are used to formulate a broader forecast.

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