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Local artists are adding color to Rodney Street dumpsters

Rodney Street dumpster beautification
Posted at 5:34 PM, Sep 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-13 12:31:18-04

HELENA — If you are passing through Rodney street in the coming weeks, you may notice a few changes of color when it comes to dumpsters in the historic neighborhood as the “Rodney Street is…” project continues its mission.

Amanda Reese is one of five residential artists who said the project is truly a collaborative effort.

"It's a collaboration between the Myrna Loy, the City of Helena, property owners, and individual artists, and it's fueled by grants and national endowments of the arts and AARP bold communities," explained Reese.

As for the passion that drives Reese to be a part of the project, she says she has called the Rodney Street neighborhood home for seven years.

Rodney Street dumpster beautification
Some sample artwork by Amanda Reese

"This is probably the most unique neighborhood I have ever had the privilege of living in, and this project has definitely opened my eyes to all the different reasons why so many people call this place home, and so many people love this place," she told MTN.

When it comes to what to expect on the newly painted dumpsters, artists are already jotting down some concepts on paper before making it to the dumpster canvas.

The fantasy dumpster is a concept sketch by Austin Clark, and the mountain concept is a sketch by Ashley Anderson

As for the purpose, Reese says, "Exploring ways to bring fun and color, and community to this place and getting all these people to work together."

The painting will begin Saturday, and the public is invited to come to watch the live painting progress from 12 - 4 PM. There will be music and opportunities for all to participate in adding to the neighborhood fun.

Some sample artwork by Amanda Reese
Some sample artwork by Amanda Reese

The event will occur in the Rodney commercial district, between the B&B Market and the Rodney Street Laundry. This area can be accessed via the alley behind the JE Allen Livery Building on Ewing Street.

The "Rodney Street is..." project is an artist-led creative placemaking exploration of our Rodney Street neighborhood's unique and historical identity. It is a collaboration between The Myrna Loy, the City of Helena, property owners, and individual artists. It is fueled by grants from the National Endowment of the Arts and AARP Livable communities.

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