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Add this adorable crochet Christmas gonk gnome wreath to your holiday decor

Add this adorable crochet Christmas gonk gnome wreath to your holiday decor
Posted at 5:30 AM, Nov 22, 2023

If you love adding a homey touch to your holiday decor, how about making something stitched with love? Crocheting gives a personal touch to a gift. Plus, studies have shown that the act of crocheting has mental health benefits.

Decorations featuring Santa Claus are some of the most popular to hang around the house during this time of year. In keeping with that tradition but looking for a fun twist, we found a crochet wreath pattern of a gonk gnome resembling the main man from the North Pole.

Crochet Christmas, festive, gonk, gnome, wreath pattern

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Gonks, in case you aren’t familiar with the folklore, are mythical creatures from Norway and other Scandinavian countries. According to Inspirations Wholesale retailers out of the U.K. (where gonks are especially popular), they’re “meant to be something like a mix of a gnome and a hobgoblin.” Gonks prefer cold weather and can be good luck charms.

This best-selling gonk crochet pattern from Etsy shop owner Selina Page of Squibblerlyrose is a digital download that combines a Christmas wreath with a cute crochet character. Once you pay for the download, you get instant access to the pattern in your email inbox.

At only $5.22, this is an affordable pattern to add to your crafting collection!

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What makes this holiday decor item unique is its style and how it can be adorned with mini lights throughout its beard.

You will need a variety of yarn colors in a medium 4 weight to complete this downloadable project, including red, white, green, and brown. Look on the yarn label to double-check the size/weight of your selection.

You can also customize the colors for this project to something else if you prefer. We also like this autumn-inspired motif for the gnome wreath. This color scheme might just be suitable for year-round display.

Crochet Christmas, festive, gonk, gnome, wreath pattern

In addition to the yarn, you’ll need safety eyes, fiberfill stuffing, a polystyrene wreath and a string of battery-powered LED lights — if you want to make the beard light up. You will also need two crochet hooks. The pattern recommends a 2 mm and a 3.5 mm hook, which are among the smallest sizes available.

The reviews say this pattern, which does require basic crochet knowledge, is easy to follow. It is entirely written out using English crochet terms and has a highly detailed step-by-step guide, including photos.

Happy stitching!

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