Arctic Air Arrives Late This Weekend

Posted at 4:53 PM, Jan 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-10 20:46:53-05

Weekend weather will go downhill and get very wintry and cold. Snow will fly mainly along and west of the Continental Divide on Saturday, and temperature's won't be too cold...yet. Sunday is when more of the action and arctic air spills southward through the state. As the arctic front moves south from northern Montana in the morning to central Montana in the evening, temperatures will tumble and the snow will start to fly. By Sunday evening most of Montana will be in the 0s and -0s, but the Hi-Line will fall into the -10s. The snow will be light and fluffy, but will not accumulate much. Generally a light coating up to a couple inches are likely in the lower elevations, but the mountains could see as much as 12" by Sunday evening. Sunday night's wind chills will fall well below zero into dangerous territory. Monday will be a frigid, snowy day for a lot of the state. Highs will range from 0 to -15 and a few inches of snow will accumulate. Tuesday will be slightly colder with areas of light snow. There will be a break in the snow and clouds Tuesday night which should allow temperatures to reach -20 to -40, with the coldest readings up on the Hi-Line. Wednesday will be mostly sunny but very cold still with highs in the -0s and 0s. Yet another round of snow will move through the state on Thursday, and there are no real signs of temperatures moderating through the week and the weekend.
Be safe!
Curtis Grevenitz