Holter Museum of Art is more than a Museum!

4:41 PM, Sep 18, 2019

Holter Museum of Art: The Holter Museum of Art is more than just a museum. Through our community partnerships and passion to serve as many people in the community as possible, the Holter strives to bring the arts to as many people as possible both inside and outside its walls. Two of our biggest programs thriving at the moment are our teen programs and our Intrepid Fellowship.
The Holter teen programs have grown so much over the past couple years. These programs provide teens and youth in the Helena community a safe place to express themselves and learn how to grow both individually and together in our community. Our two teen-specific programs, ATAC (Afterschool Teen Arts Council) and Art for Survival teach youth how to navigate life while also advocating for the arts among their peers and in our community. Learn more about our youth programs at https://www.holtermuseum.org/teens.
The Holter has partnered with Intrepid Credit Union for a Artists Fellowship program benefitting local artists, ultimately giving them the opportunity to create a body of work that they will showcase at the Holter Museum. This fellowship’s purpose is to specifically provide local artists with the financial support they need to grow artistically and create. The winner of this year’s Fellowship is Al Swanson, who will have an exhibit at the Holter in April 2020.
For more information about what the Holter does in the Helena community, visit our website at https://www.holtermuseum.org/.

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