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Update on Clancy School construction

Posted at 6:26 PM, Aug 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-27 20:41:00-04

CLANCY — Clancy School will be delaying their start until Tuesday September 3rd.

Dave Selvig, Clancy School Superintendent, told MTN the decision to delay school by three days was that construction was cutting it close to the originally scheduled Wednesday start date.

Adding, the school ultimately wanted to give parents a decent heads-up school was being delayed.

“I really didn’t want to wait until the day before not knowing, so that’s why we called it when we did,” said Selvig. “It’s hard, we have new students and we needed to make sure we got through to the parents. So it was just better this way.”

Selvig added he will be meeting with staff to discuss how they plan on making up the three days.

MTN spoke with Bullock Contracting who have been working on the parking lot project this summer.

Owner Buster Bullock said the school contracted them to completely redo their parking lot which included a new storm drain system, new asphalt and curb and gutter.

Bullock stated by the end of Tuesday August 27, the parking lot will be completed, striped and ready for business.

“We got one thing that probably won’t be completed is the fence,” noted Bullock. “We’ll be completing the fence tomorrow--midday it should be complete. Paving will be completed today and that is what’s left.”

Bullock encourages people to come out and see the new parking lot.

“The parking lot is a great improvement for the school district-- a beautiful school with a great staff,” Bullock added.