Montana State Fair keeps family traditions alive

Posted at 4:43 PM, Jul 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-30 18:47:35-04

GREAT FALLS – People big and small make their way to Montana ExpoPark in Great Falls each year for the Montana State Fair.

It’s the one time of year when the kid comes out in everyone and some families use the fair to keep traditions going.

“We come out to the fair every year. It’s just a family tradition. We brought our kids when they were little and now we bring our grandkids,” said Amy Parsons.

Others families are here for the laughs and smiles.

“It’s just priceless. You know, it’s just a summer event that we do and just know that we’re making memories,” said Dee Kujala, who traveled from Helena. “It’s been about five years since I’ve done the rides, so I’m trying to be the ‘cool mom’ and we’ll see how I do. I’ve gone on two rides so far and haven’t gotten sick.”

But no matter the age, everyone can agree fair food is their favorite part.

“The big thing is the cheese curds. I don’t share them with anyone, I get them once a year and I love them,” said Kujala.

Brothers Osborne will perform Sunday night at 7:30 while Midland with special guest Michael Ray will perform on Monday night.

The fair runs until August 4.

Reporting by Kaley Collins for MTN News