106 year tradition continues in Stevensville

Posted at 4:18 PM, Aug 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-06 18:18:14-04

STEVENSVILLE – This year marks the 106th anniversary of the Stevensville Creamery Picnic.

The tradition began in 1911 after the Bitterroot Cooperative Creamery burned down. When they began rebuilding the owner at the time said that if the construction crew could finish the project quickly he would throw the largest picnic the town had ever seen.

When the crew finished in only a month he made good on his promise and the tradition has continued ever since.

The parade was packed on Saturday afternoon. This year there was Pig races, tours of St. Mary’s, and a market. From home furnishings and produce, to chicks, this year’s market had a ton to offer

This beloved tradition almost came to an end when the town realized it initially lacked the resources to put it all together…but with the help of volunteers and extra sponsors the town made it happen.

Parade announcer, Bill McNulty, said “Of course Stevensville as they always do, got behind it and we had the creamery picnic. This town rocks. It doesn’t matter if it’s an illness, event, fun, or anything they’re always there.”

Reporting by Lauren Heiser for MTN News