You can beat the heat at the Western Montana Fair

Posted at 3:03 PM, Aug 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-08 18:15:57-04

MISSOULA – The Western Montana Fair is finally underway and it’s coming with the hottest temperatures of the summer, but there are some ways you can stay cool as the thermometer soars.

Western Montana Fair week brings carnival rides, unique cuisine, and shows for just about everyone. This year, it’s bringing the heat with late week high temperatures expected to hit the upper 90s with a distinct possibility of triple digits.

There are some ways to try and keep cool for folks who will be spending several hours — or even an entire day — at the fair.

“Folks should wear hats, wear light cloths, bring water. We have a new space over by the 4-H café connected to the culinary building that has shade, and tables and chairs,” Missoula County Fairgrounds director Emily Brock said. “A lot of the tents have misters.”

Indoor venues are a good way to beat the heat. Floral displays, arts and crafts, and brand new to the Western Montana Fair this year — and the Made Fair –provide just a few of many opportunities to head indoors and find cooler temperatures.

But, with so much happening outdoors, it’s hard to stay inside too long, especially if you have kids. The longer you are outdoors, the more precautions you need to take to keep the heat from overwhelming you.

“If you’re spending several hours outdoors, make sure you have sunscreen with a strong enough SPF to block those ultraviolet rays — and don’t underestimate the importance of a cold drink to keep yourself hydrated.

If you should find yourself feeling heat exhaustion, Brock says medical help is available by the front gate, by the Statue of Liberty is the EMT’s and fire department and “of course we have an ambulance evac for our rodeo athletes,” Brock said.

She added that the Western Montana Fair is the highlight of the summer for many, and she hopes everyone who passes through the gates remains safe and enjoys this once a year family event.

You are allowed to bring water into the fairgrounds and it will also be for sale at most food and drink venues.

Reporting by Russ Thomas for MTN News