Decorated WWII veteran turns 100 in Bozeman

Posted at 2:29 PM, Oct 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-25 16:29:20-04

BOZEMAN – Decorated World War II veteran and Bozeman resident Oliver Germann turned 100 years old on Wednesday.

Germann was a tail gunner who joined the Army Air Force in 1939 and won eight medals during the war, including a Purple Heart and Silver Star.

He says his secret to life is reading the Bible every day, which is something he started at a young age.

“I was so impressed with the story of Jesus that it has affected my entire life. I’ve pretty much lived by it. I didn’t become a priest, but I do tell Bible stories now and then,” Germann said.

Friends and family gathered at Oliver’s favorite restaurant, the Bamboo Garden, to celebrate his special day.

Reporting by Carson Vickroy for MTN News