Pet of the Week: Turkey

Posted at 8:37 AM, Nov 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-30 10:37:44-05

Turkey is a very shy little guy.  He is just four months old, and has spent one of those months at the shelter looking for a home.  That’s 25 percent of his life thus far spent at the Humane Society.

The noisy and sometimes hectic environment of the shelter is overwhelming for little Turkey, so he tends to hide out when large groups come in to the cat room to meet all the cats.  He does fine with the other cats he’s with, but loud noises and young children frighten him, so he doesn’t show his full personality.

He would do best in a quiet home with a patient owner who can give him the time he needs to adjust to the sights and sounds of a new environment.

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