Helena High School brings science to life at annual Science Circus

Posted at 7:59 PM, Mar 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-18 16:13:55-04

(HELENA) Families came to Helena High School this weekend for a fun and firsthand look at how science works.

Dozens of Helena High students helped put on the annual Science Circus Friday and Saturday. They presented demonstrations in every branch of science, from biology to physics to chemistry.

In many cases, kids in attendance could participate in the experiments themselves. They were able to fire smoke from a trash can cannon, be lifted into the air using a set of pulleys, and smash flowers frozen in liquid nitrogen.

“The kids definitely like the hands-on things,” said senior Alex Johnson, one of the students helping to manage the event. “Anything that they get to try is the best.”

Missy Sampson, who teaches Helena High’s science seminar class, said this event is a great way to make science more accessible.

Science Circus

“It puts science in a different light, because sometimes I think it’s like, ‘Oh, science is hard,’ or ‘I can’t do science,’” she said. “But this is science; this is happening.”

She said she’s always impressed with how seriously the high school students take their work.

“There’s nothing more gratifying or satisfying than to watch our high school kids get down on their knees, explain, interact with the little kids, interact with their parents and their grandparents,” she said.

Science Circus

The Science Circus has become a popular Helena tradition. This is the 35th year Helena High has put on the event.

“It’s one of the best things Helena does every year,” said Johnson. “I can remember when I was a little kid coming to Science Circus and always wanting to experience all the things, so it’s really great to get to put it on for all the other little kids and allow them to experience the exact same thing.”

“What I have now are students that I’ve had that are bringing their kids, which is pretty cool,” Sampson said.