Vietnam veterans honored at State Capitol

Posted at 6:22 PM, Mar 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-29 20:22:36-04

HELENA – A little snow didn’t stop veterans from gathering at the State Capitol on Friday March 29 to honor those that served in the Vietnam War.

Vietnam veterans, service members and other held a honor walk around the capitol complex to commemorate Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day.

The annual event recognizes the sacrifices of Vietnam veterans and their families. In 2011 the 62nd Montana Legislature enacted into law House Bill 255 which established Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day.

Organizers of the event say those that served were not always given kind receptions once they came home, often returning with physical or mental scars.

Raymond Read with the Montana Military Museum, and Vietnam Veteran, said he’s always proud to see so many turn out for the event and give those that served a proper homecoming.

“These guys come out every year, no matter what. I suppose if it was just pouring rain, they’d still be out here, but right now we just got a nice little spring blizzard. So we’re okay,” said Read.

Read said that because of the initial treatment returning from war many Vietnam vets have become advocates to support all veterans coming home from conflict.

“They’re the advocates for the new veterans,” explained Read, “and that’s what we are. We want to recognize everyone for their service.”

More than 36,000 Montana men and women served in Vietnam from 1959-1975.

268 men from Montana lost their lives during the conflict and 22 were recognized as prisoners of war.