Livingston business owners hope to see locals visit town

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Posted at 11:02 AM, Jun 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-18 13:02:43-04

Business owners in Livingston say that business has been good with all the tourists still in town. But their worry is once those tourists go home, the business community in town must adapt again.

“It's going to test our resiliency. It's going to be somewhat similar to the shutdown- in that it's going to knock off a lot off the tourist business,” says executive director of the Danforth Museum of Art, Storrs Bishop

A sense of normalcy remains for Livingston business owners because they’re still seeing people walk through their doors.

“You know, they were already here so they are spending time walking to the local shops and art galleries,” says owner of The Frame Garden, Laura Bray.

But uncertainty for what is to come looms ahead.

“Right now it's been good, but I fear for what we will see,” says Bray.

They hope to weather the new storm.

“I know that Livingston has been good about being able to weather the peaks and the valleys of economic fortunes,” says Bishop.

They are hoping to rely on the locals from across the state to come this summer.

“It’s probably prodding a few others to think ‘oh, it's not going to be as busy, let's go to Livingston,’ which in the summer can be kind of flooded with tourists but this year might be their year,” says Bray.

They say neighbors taking care of neighbors will keep it going.

“The local population really does support the arts community because we are the arts community,” says Bishop.

 The business owners say they hope that locals will still come out for events in town such as the Downtown Art Walk which is set to host their first one on Friday, June 24 and take place on the last Friday of each month through September.