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Pet of the Week: Sarge

Posted at 10:04 AM, Oct 04, 2019

HELENA — Of the eleven dogs currently at the humane society, Sarge has been there the longest.

He's been at the shelter for over 40 days.

Rebecca Howard, the Dog Program Coordinator at the Lewis and Clark Humane Society, said, "For some reason, Helena just has not picked up on how awesome this dog is. I think maybe he's a little nervous in his kennel, he just isn't showing his real personality."

She hopes that someone will meet him and take him home soon.

"He's so smart, and he's going to be the absolute best dog for somebody," Howard also mentioned.

He is a sweet, friendly pup who makes new friends everywhere he goes. And at just one year old, he still has lots of energy.

Sarge loves meeting new people, but he tends to shy away from kids. He would prefer a home with just adults.

For more information on Sarge, you can contact the Lewis and Clark Humane Society or visit their website.