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Customers confused Amazon scam warning email for an actual scam

Part of the issue customers reported was the email appeared to be for those who bought gift cards — but those who didn't still received the email.
Customers confused Amazon scam warning email for an actual scam
Posted at 7:22 PM, Oct 03, 2023

An email from Amazon warning customers to be careful of a possible gift card scam went awry when customers reported that they worried the legitimate company message might have been, itself, a scam. 

Customers went to Reddit to report the confusion after they said they received emails that thanked them for purchasing gift cards, even though many said they had not purchased them. 

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One user reported receiving at least three emails indicating that they had purchased gift cards, writing, "I'm still seeing a lot of posts about this ... no actual purchases were made, or accounts compromised."

One Reddit user took a screenshot of what they said was the email from the retail giant. In it, the message warned of a "variety of scams" and thanked the recipient for purchasing gift cards from Amazon. 

One customer wrote on Facebook, "Thanks for the early AM heart attack Amazon. Who needs caffeine?"

Customer service representatives for Amazon apologized later for the confusion, with one writing, "I’m really sorry to all those customers who received this kind of email and that this caused them alarm. But rest assured that every account here is safe and in the meantime, we can just inform them to just disregard the message."

While a spokesperson for Amazon didn't immediately address the issue to multiple outlets, Amazon's customer service operation described it as a "poorly worded email" in at least once instance. 

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