Cut Bank man turns hobby into business

Posted at 6:18 PM, Sep 20, 2021
and last updated 2023-06-08 20:40:04-04

CUT BANK — Bryan Simons of Cut Bank transitioned from part-time designer to full-time creator, turning his former computer engineering space into a full time craft studio, specializing in custom cribbage boards.

“The cribbage boards were kind of just a test run to see how they would work and how we could design them,” he explaine. “It just took off there - a lot more interest than I originally expected which is good.”

In addition to the board game, Simons also designs wine glasses, mugs, tumblers, wine holders, and several other types of personalized gifts.

Simons says it’s a nice break from his former computer job: “Here, I am creating things for people to enjoy, not managing people, so there’s a lot less stress.”

And the community around him is quick to show their support.

Bryan Simons has turned his hobby into a business in Cut Bank

Billman’s Home Decor has been selling Simons products since well before his storefront opened.

“That’s all we want for a fellow business owner here in town, it’s for them to be successful, and if there’s anyway we can help, we want to be a part of it,” said Billman's co-owner Valerie Vermulm.

While the close-knit community in Cut Bank supports him, his online sales are also growing. Curiously Artistic is located at 217 West Main Street in Cut Bank; click here to visit the website.